Herbert J. McKune Post 31

The pontoon boat is available to Post members for use on Cavanaugh Lake. A lock box will be located at the patio and contains the key and a sign in-out sheet. For now, use will be first come first serve. Eventually there will be a reservation capability to reserve the boat.

  1. All passengers must have an approved life jacket available. Check underneath the forward seats to ensure you have enough legal floation devices.
  2. Bring non-ethanol gasoline (rec gas) to top off the tank when done cruising. Check and fill the separate oil tank that will be kept full.
    1. If you aren't certain your fuel is ethanol-free, add STABIL 360 (under rear seats) to your fuel before refuleing the tank. Directions for STABIL are on the bottle.
  3. Please follow appropriate rules while on the water. https://www.michigan.gov/dnr/0,4570,7-350-79119_79144_79641---,00.html
  4. Please return key to the lock box.

Starting instructions:

  1. Release motor trim lock (starboard side of motor)
  2. Under rear starboard seat, turn the battery switch "on"
  3. Pump gas bulb to prime
  4. Insert key
  5. Lower (trim down) the motor only so far as to submerge the water intakes and propeller
    1. WARNING--This motor is liquid cooled and the dock area is shallow. Having the motor trimmed up will prevent the lake bottom (silt) from being sucked into, and clogging, the water jacket that cools the motor. (Johnson outboards have a telltale that squirts water out of the back of the power head--this only means the water pump is working and it does not mean that water is actually circulating through the motor)
  6. Raise lever on throttle housing to choke motor
  7. Start
  8. Carefully pull away from the dock, being mindful of the motor's trim angle to ensure you are not dragging the water intake and propeller through the silt. 
  9. Once the depth increases, check trim to ensure engine is vertical
    1. If you hear a buzzing alarm from the throttle housing that means the motor is overheating--even if that telltale is pumping water--reduce speed and return to the dock--let the Commander know the motor overheated so we can check on it.  
  10. When back at the dock, trim the motor all the way up and manually lock the motor it it's most upright position
  11. Turn battery switch off
  12. Re-fill fuel used.